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Rug Repair at Southern Idaho Rug Washing

One of the joys of being in the rug care business is that we get to restore beautiful hand-crafted rugs to their previous glory every day.   It often happens that by the time a rug comes in to our studio for cleaning, it’s in dire need of attention. Sometimes...

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Fiber Protector

Fiber Protector Q & A By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® Fiber protector is something our customers ask about often. To some, it feels a bit like like a leap of faith. It’s hard to know if it’s really working, especially when you can’t see it. We hope the Q & As...

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Moth Season

Moth Season is Here! By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® Moth Season Is Here! Should I Be Worried? These tiny, beige pests are most active during Spring and Autumn. You might notice them flying around outside, or you may spot one or two in your home on or near a wool, hair,...

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Water Damage

Water Damaged Rugs By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® Water Damage and Your Rugs – What You Should Know Water damage is incredibly disruptive and upsetting. We all watched as homes in Texas and Florida were devastated by flood waters last year. Many people lost all of their...

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Rug Cushion Q and A

Rug Cushion Q & A By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® Why should I use a rug cushion under my rug? A good rug cushion will perform several functions. It will keep your rug in place on the floor, it will absorb the worst of the wear caused by foot traffic and use,...

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Pet Urine

Pet Urine - Can You Remove It From My Rug By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® Customer Question: Can you get the dog pee out of my rug? We might miss a pet accident as it happens – we’re usually at work when they occur. But after a few days, we’ll notice a foul odor or a...

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