Rug Cushion Q & A 

By Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate®

Why should I use a rug cushion under my rug?

A good rug cushion will perform several functions.

It will keep your rug in place on the floor, it will absorb the worst of the wear caused by foot traffic and use, and it will protect the floors underneath from scratches and scuffs from grit that is tracked in on shoes.

What is the best kind of rug cushion to use?

There are a few different kinds of cushion out there, but a good rule of thumb is to keep a low- enough profile to keep people from tripping. The two most commonly used are a thinner non-slip, rubber cushion that will keep small rugs in place and not raise them up too high, or a compressed synthetic cushion with a rubberized backing that will keep larger rugs in place, while also providing a slight bouncy – cushioned – feel. Some other types include a double sided, sticky pad that will literally adhere a thinner area rug to a carpet beneath, and a moisture barrier cushion to help protect the floors from pet urine accidents.

How long do rug cushions last?

Rug cushions actually do have a shelf life. If you use a thin rubber cushion, you should expect to replace it in a year or two. The more use it has, the sooner it will need replacing. The synthetic cushion with a rubberized backing will need to be replaced about once every 3-5 years. If you try to stretch this out longer, you may find that the rubber has either become sticky and has stuck to your floors, or has dried out and become slippery.

 Where can I buy rug cushion and how do I know what the best kind is for me?

We are happy to consult with you! You only need to ask. We carry different types of rug cushion and will recommend the best type for your rug, and will even custom cut it to fit!

I already have a rug cushion. I don’t need a new one.

That may be true right now, but keep it in mind for the next time your rug needs service. They don’t last as long as the rugs they’re under!

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